Heal Alzheimer's Disease with McGrim Health

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain problem that gets worse as time goes on. It happens because certain proteins build up in the brain, causing it to shrink and brain cells to die.

Alzheimer’s is the main reason people experience dementia, which is a slow decline in memory, thinking, behavior, and social skills. These changes make it harder for a person to do regular things.

Meanwhile, McGrim Health is here to help you with your mental health. If you notice symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease, reach out to us! 

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Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Early-stage Alzheimer's (mild)

In early Alzheimer's, a person can typically handle things independently. Symptoms might not be obvious during this stage, but family and close friends could observe them. A doctor could use specific ways to identify them.

Typical challenges include:

  • Finding the correct word or name.
  •  Forgetting names when meeting new people.
  •  Need help with tasks in social or work situations.
  • Ignoring information that was just read.

Middle-stage Alzheimer's (moderate)

The middle stage of Alzheimer's is usually the longest and can go on for many years. Furthermore, symptoms, which can differ from person to person, might involve the following:

  •  Forgetting events or personal history.
  •  Feeling moody or withdrawn, especially in challenging situations.
  •  Having trouble remembering personal details like their address, phone number, or school.
  •   Feeling confused about where they are or what day it is.

Late-stage Alzheimer's (severe)

In the last stage of the disease, Alzheimer's symptoms become severe. People lose the ability to interact with their surroundings and conversate with others.

 At this point, individuals might:

  •  Need assistance at any time.
  •  Need help with personal care all the time.
  • Forget recent experiences and where they are. 
  •  Notice changes in physical abilities, like walking, sitting, and eventually swallowing.
  • Need help communicating.

Types of Alzheimer’s disease

Early onset Alzheimer’s Disease

The first signs typically show up between a person's 30s and mid-60s.
Very rare.
Typically caused by changes in genes passed from parent to child.

Late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

People usually start showing signs when they're in their mid-60s.
The most common type.
It might have to do with a gene called APOE ɛ4.

Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Treatment with Us

At McGrim Health, our approach to Alzheimer’s treatment is characterized by thorough and compassionate care. We recognize the difficulties associated with managing patients with this condition. Likewise, we prioritize the well-being of the individuals under our care by providing attentive and considerate assistance.

Additionally, our medical recommendations include prescribing medications specifically tailored to contribute to the effective treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.

We’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals dealing with Alzheimer’s disorders through comprehensive support and medical intervention.

Get Help!

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We are dedicated to helping and supporting you most effectively and beneficially.

Our goal is to provide the support you need in a way that positively impacts your overall health and happiness.

Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease