Are Bipolar People Smart

The relation between bipolar disorder and intelligence remains a topic of extensive debate among people.
For instance, some people argue that actually those suffering from bipolar are smarter than others while others maintain that being an intelligent person has nothing to do with being bipolar.
But what’s the truth? Let’s explore­,, “Are bipolar people smart?”

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Are Bipolar People Smart

It’s a mental illness, calle­d manic depression. It changes some­one’s mood, energy, and activity le­vels.
People with bipolar have­ an up-and-down cycle, with extreme­ highs (mania) and deep lows (depre­ssion).

Bipolar Disorder and Creativity

They’ve be­en linked for years. In are­as like art, music, and writing, many bipolar individuals have thrived.
Some of the very well known people with bipolar disorder include: Vincent Van Gogh and Virginia Woolf.
This connection fe­eds the idea that ge­niuses come from people­ coping with manic depression.

The Relationship between Bipolar Disorder and Intelligence

The debate over whether people with bipolar disorder show higher intellectual acumen than others has persisted for a considerable time.
Some research affirmed that there is an association between high IQ scores and being diagnosed as suffering from bipolar illness.
A 2015 study from the United Kingdom showed an association between early childhood high IQ and later development of bipolar disorder. The effect was especially pronounced among children with high verbal scores.
Some experts argue that genetic family traits may be associated with this risk rather than just high IQ alone.
Not all studies have found a correlation between bipolar disorder and high intelligence.

So, are Bipolar People Smart?

Some studies do show the indications that people with bipolar disorder might be more highly intelligent than those without it – though this isn’t really conclusive.
Also, it’s important to know that intelligence is a complex attribute which can be tested by different means apart from IQ scores.
Just like everyone else, people with bipolar can excel in some areas but struggle in others – thereby emphasizing the heterogeneity of intelligence measures.
The condition remains problematic and requires serious mental health care rather than being preoccupied only with its possible connection to intellectual ability.


While there’s some certain evidence that suggests that people with bipolar disorder might show higher intelligence levels in comparison to others but it is important to note that this correlation isn’t definitive.
There’s still a lot of research that’s needed for us to delve deeper into this relationship and gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the topic itself.
One should avoid concluding about a person’s intellect on account of their mental condition.
People with bipolar disorder deserve respect just like others do because they are not what stereotypes depict them.
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Are bipolar people smart?

Yes, those with bipolar disorder can be equally as intelligent as others.

What is bipolar intelligence – is there a correlation?

According to some studies, bipolar individuals may have more creative and smarter thoughts. However, this relationship varies from one person to another.

What is bipolar creativity and intelligence?

Some people suffering from bipolar disorder feel highly creative in this state at the onset of mania but this could also destabilize them or prove unsustainable in the long run.

Are people with bipolar disorder more likely to be geniuses?

There isn’t really a direct link between bipolar and genius. Nonetheless, some individuals struggling with manic depression might possess extraordinary abilities or talents that border on genius.

Is there a connection between bipolar and IQ?

Bipolar disorder does not correlate directly with Intelligence Quotient (IQ). People with this illness can manifest various levels of intellectual ability; while some display above average IQ’s others demonstrate below normal scores. The relationship between IQ and BD is complex, divergent among patients, thus revealing a great deal of variety within it.

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